“I’ve had the honor and pleasure of knowing Teresa since she helped me find my first home in Portland in 2009, to buy another in 2016 and to sell in 2021.  She is so incredibly knowledgeable and I know that I can always trust her 100% with these huge, impactful life decisions. She is disarming, warm, pleasant, even-tempered, always positive, and conducts herself and her business with the utmost professionalism.  Teresa’s expanse of knowledge and generosity in sharing that knowledge and her resources are second to none. She is flexible, manages time well and responds quickly, and I know that the information she gives me is true and honest. Teresa is such a hard worker – she is always forthcoming with information, easy to reach, engaging, offers amazing advice, allowed us to ask questions (and gave comprehensive answers – day or night!) and it shows that she truly cares about her clients.  There is no one else I would rather work with when it comes to real estate – whether it is buying or selling, she is top notch. I would work with her again and again, without question. We were completely satisfied with this recent transaction and Teresa’s representation. Her guidance and skills at getting this process done quickly and as painlessly as possible was deeply appreciated.”  Lesa & Rob 

“We bought our new home and sold our old one with the help of Teresa’s guidance, all in the span of about four months. The uncertainty of how the real estate market would react to the Covid 19 pandemic weighed heavily on our minds. In times like that, a confident and experienced real estate agent like Teresa can make all the difference. That was certainly our experience. Teresa helped us prepare our home so well we stopped taking offers after our sixth one rolled in, not even 72 hours after opening day. On the buying side, Teresa was a patient guide as our emotions would roller coaster from one property to the next. And it was Teresa who found the perfect home for us, despite all the hours we spent viewing properties on the usual web-based real estate sites. When it came time to negotiate, Teresa was a steady and experienced confidant. I’m glad we trusted Teresa’s judgment. Together, we made all the right moves. Teresa will always have a special place in our story because she helped us change our lives for the better.”  Malti and Danny G

“If you are looking for an experienced, responsive, knowledgeable Portland-area realtor who will always put your best interests first, look no further than Teresa Kirsch. For more than a year, Teresa expertly, patiently and thoughtfully coached us through the home-buying process and multiple offers, ultimately helping us land our dream home at the right price and in the right neighborhood for our growing family. We cannot speak highly enough of Teresa and her partnership every step of the way — we truly would have been lost without her and can’t recommend her highly enough. We feel as though we not only gained a real estate agent for life but also a friend in the process.”  Ryan & Kaveh B

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Teresa since I was about 5 or 6 years old. She is a fantastic agent that I have recommended to others. Teresa’s strengths are her responsiveness, willingness to build relationships with other agents, and to use good judgment to guide decisions.  Teresa is a 10 out of 10 and I would recommend her to anyone.”  Lauren P

“Teresa’s experience and knowledge of the Portland real estate market was a great asset as we prepared and sold our home.  She made sure she understood our needs and helped us align a strategy that balanced our timing needs for sale with our desire to get top price.  Using data and market experience, she worked with us to select a price we were confident would generate a sale in our desired timeframe. Perhaps the greatest value Teresa provided however was the fact that she managed the process every step of the way.  In hindsight, this value was truly worth the commissions paid to Teresa and Windermere.  As we prepared for sale, we flirted with selling our home without the assistance of a real estate person but as we moved through the listing and sale process, it became clear that Teresa’s value to us was hard earned.  Teresa laid out the whole process for us and anticipated each while helping manage our expectations.  As a businesswoman, she is focused and diligent but is always approachable, gracious and cooperative. Teresa served as a trusted partner in our transaction while supporting our family through this significant life event. We unconditionally recommend Teresa and the Windermere team to everyone looking for professional yet personal real estate experience.”   Tim & Lois M

“I felt like Teresa provided top of the line, elite marketing for our home.  The marketing was professional, the strategy sound, and I felt like I was in the hands of a true professional.  Teresa did everything we could have wanted, and did it well.  I have used many agents over the years to buy and sell property, and consequently, I have high expectations.  They were all exceeded.”  Don F

“Teresa helped coordinate repairs/services, checked on my vacant property, and worked around my schedule when I was unable to get away from work or was out of town.  She gave great advice, was always available and responsive, and we reached our goal of selling the condo.”  Catherine T

“Teresa was always available, happy to answer questions literally any time day or night. This was our first homebuying experience and she held our hand and guided us through the process. When we first started the process, we were in Europe and she found times to match our schedule and use appropriate technology to video chat with us. She doesn’t have a fakeness about her that would make other agents seem like a salesperson. I liked her direct responses to our questions. Teresa is frank and she knows what her clients want. We looked at more than six properties in one day, and when we drove up to a few and looked around, she was very quick to say that it wasn’t what we wanted for X or Y reason (we were moving here from Belgium) – and she was right! After spending a few weeks in Portland, we LOVE our neighborhood and have been to a few of the other neighborhoods that she said wouldn’t suit us as well, and we agree with her 100 percent. We also found the house with the square footage we wanted rather than sacrificing that to live in a small space that would not suit us in the long term.  We really valued Teresa’s advice because we were following it almost blindly, and now that we are in our house and more settled in Portland, we feel like we made a wonderful decision and we would definitely use her again and recommend her to others!  Again, we really loved working with Teresa and had such a good, smooth experience.”  Becky & Ken

“Teresa was excellent to work with. She is very organized, clearly walked us through all the steps, she kept the various parties accountable and followed up on things so that we didn’t have to, and was just overall friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive the whole time. She left nothing to be desired, and we are very satisfied with her service. If we ever need representation again we will definitely work with her, and we have already referred several friends and family members to her.”   Ted & Lindsey H. 

“Teresa was excellent!  She not only did the basic part of her job, she added tremendous value with proactive information, updates and suggestions.  She guided us through a process I have never gone through, handling our many special requirements (purchasing from abroad) with a great sense of anticipation that helped us handle issues before they became issues.  She is responsive and goes beyond the call of duty.  (Second purchase one year later):  As always, Teresa was a true professional that goes well beyond the call of duty.  She stayed deeply engaged even after house purchase had been completed.  Teresa is the best!”  Michael & Catherine W

“I have bought and sold a home with help from Teresa Kirsch, and I have recommended her to friends when they were considering real estate activities.  I cannot say enough good things about the tremendous help and friendship she has given me over many years.  She works tirelessly, whether a client is buying or selling.  She listens carefully to her clients, and supports their decisions, while, when asked, frankly providing her own opinions based on experience and wisdom.  She is honest, ethical,  professional, competent, and attentive.  A true gem.”  Marjorie L

“In 30 years of buying and selling homes in five cities in three states and D.C., Teresa is head and shoulders above anyone we have worked with.  She is outstanding and Windermere is too.  This was a pleasant and almost stress-free experience thanks to Teresa!”  Diane & Lonnie

“Teresa was FANTASTIC – “a cut above!”  Jessica & Martin

“Teresa is the finest Realtor I have worked with and a lovely human being in a potentially cutthroat world.  She deserves a bonus!”  Craig S

“We appreciated Teresa’s thoughtful and kind way of working with us in both buying and selling our home. She is so trustworthy and helpful. She follows through on her word and was kind to us on so many levels. We’ve left Portland and miss her.”  Laila & Mike

We absolutely loved our experience working with Teresa. She was professional, courteous, communicative, and proactive from Day 1. We could tell she knew the market well and that we would benefit from her many years of experience, especially as first-time buyers and transplants with little knowledge of the Portland market or neighborhoods. What stood out most in our experience with Teresa was • We never felt pressured or patronized as first-time home buyers. We could tell she wasn’t in it for the “sale,” and much more focused on us finding the right home for our needs and budget, regardless of timeline. • She kept us in mind by sending us listings regularly (without it being overkill) and the house we ended up buying is solely because of Teresa calling it out to us…we had both seen it on zillow/redfin when it first listed and sort of disregarded it because it was above our budget, but she had been tracking it and did the research to learn there were no offers after over a week on the market and with an open house; she educated us on the prime location and coached us to consider taking a look and being able to strategically come in at a lower offer within our budget given the knowledge she had gained. This house ended up being almost exactly what we were looking for, and we were able to negotiate nearly $35,000 off the list price. • She was a consistent advocate for us and “held our hand” through each step, making herself available to us consistently for questions and explanations and was communicative throughout, letting us know what to expect next, what was normal, what was not, and coached us well on how to put together a strong offer while still respecting our budget and expectations. • Once we made an offer she was *incredibly proactive* about lining up everything the needed to be done to make the sale move through w/reliable and reputable references for every/any need and went above and beyond to get our concerns/questions answered as things came up after inspection, where other Realtors easily might have placed the responsibility/ follow-up research on the buyers. After the sale she’s continued to follow up and make sure our transition has been smooth – again, reinforcing she’s invested in us and our long term happiness and not just the sale. We really felt taken care of by Teresa, and so incredibly lucky to have worked with her. We will easily recommend her to anyone we know who is buying/selling a home, and look forward to working with her in the future!”  Emily & Justin